Following the United Nations (UN) Earth Summit in 1992, national governments and subsequently regional/local authorities in the UK were encouraged to develop mechanisms for fulfilling the commitments in the UN document, known commonly as ‚Agenda 21‘.

People and Public Authorities

My involvement (as Development Worker):

  • advising local authorities in Derbyshire on consultation mechanisms for involving local people
  • advising local people on how to engage with local authorities (linked with Community Development)
  • advising ‚Derby City Partnership‘ (a cross-sector City development partnership) on how to involve local people


UK Task Group „Education 21“, working through the United Nations Environment and Development UK Committee, to encourage the promotion of the „Education Community“ to „Major Group“ status, in terms of UN priorities.

My involvement (as Task Group member): ensuring that Task Group policy and development proposals incorporate local (as distinct from purely national / international) perspectives


Derby Rainbow Centre for Environment & Development – a resource centre, meeting place, cafe and shop – providing information & support for environmental improvement initiatives and development education. The organisation has since evolved into ‚Global Education Derby‘ and ‚Derby Environment Centre‘.

My involvement: co-ordinating early stage development from concept through to start-up incl. negotiation of grants & property acquisition (free-hold). I was subsequently the organisation’s Development Worker, for various initiatives referred to on this website.


Derbyshire Alternative Technology Association (DATA) committed to extending the local application of energy efficiency, conservation and supply measures to the benefit of local people and the environment.

My involvement: Advising and supporting the development worker during early stages of the Association’s development.

Through such organisations, there is the possibility to develop trade and product development links with Austria, notably in new-build and renovation of premises for individual developments or for more substantial schemes involving local UK Statutory Authorities, notably Government and Health


Fair Trade – beyond luxury goods: Local authorities, notably health and government, have a considerable amount of purchasing power, which can be used in developing ‚Fair Trade‘ and ‚buy local‘ initiatives.

My involvement: Lobbying Local Statutory Authorities, and helping suppliers in Derby to adopt and put into practice fair trade policies



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