Education for change

If education is to be part of a movement for change towards a more sensitive way of living, it needs to be more responsive to the real needs and interests of individuals, and reflect the values that a more sensitive way of living involves. The ’schooling‘ system falls well short of this.

My involvement: I am a member and supporter of organisations working for change along the lines expressed above. You can contact some of these through the links on this site or get in touch with me directly, if you would like further information.


Development Education aims to raise awareness and understanding of the effects on life and societies resulting from the interaction between local and global activities.

My involvement: I have 10 years experience, notably through adult and community education. This time has also included being a member of the Council of the Development Education Association (DEA) – a UK national „umbrella“ organisation for groups and individuals involved in Development Education. I have also served as a member of its EU Advisory Committee

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