ECONOMICS: alternative and complementary

If you are wondering why I consider these important, it is because the collapse of the existing money bank-debt-based money system is inevitable, bringing massive suffering, unless alternatives are allowed to develop before social collapse and environmental devastation occur. Many people have written comprehensively about this. You might like to look at: What the Economic crisis really means – video (text available from video link) or if you want mored detailed work on this and „Debunking Economics“, I suggest that of Steve Keen

There are a variety of alternative and complementary economic ‚tools‘. They include: locally managed currencies, LETs, time banks, credit unions, commodity based currencies, ‚gift‘ economy, barter etc. They provide an opportunity to develop an integrated economics which has less to do with the current main-stream economic activities of speculation and exploitation, and more to do with satisfying people’s real needs and respecting the environment.

On the Links page, I have included micro and macro-economic initiatives which are well worth a read.

My involvement: (in the UK and Austria)

  • facilitating the setting up of local schemes e.g. LETS (Talentetauschkreise) and credit unions etc.
  • advising local authorities and voluntary organisations on local currency schemes


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