Purpose of Site

The main purpose of this site is to:

  • provide you with information about projects and other initiatives which fit to the theme of ‚Living with Sensitivity‘ – and to let you know about my involvement in them
  • stimulate an interest in perhaps working together on these, or similar initiatives in which you are involved
  • provide links to other places of interest (including you?)

Project categories

Although the various initatives come under the umbrella name ‚Living with Sensitivity‘, many do not fit neatly under one sub-category e.g. ‚economics‘. Therefore, I have sometimes provided links to related areas elsewhere on this site.

Project Management: my involvement

After 14 years in project planning / management (mostly in senior positions), I moved from oil, coal, gas and other industries into charitable organisations. Still involved in project and group developement, I found the work more fulfilling. Over the past 25+ years I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working on the types of projects and other initiatives referred to on this site.

My work has comprised a wide variety of roles and activities, including project planning, budgeting, conflict resolution, feasibility studies, fund-raising, facilitating group development, negotiations, training, co-ordination … etc.

In addition to continuing this type of work, I have become increasingly involved in new areas over the past 20 years. These include:

Shiatsu (for which I am a licensed practitioner) – link opens separate Website (Shiatsu Mühlviertel)

English Language Training

Making Music and Performing – link opens separate Website (James Clifford)

Please note: my CV (see right-hand column) gives a summary of my whole work experience and qualifications.

by the way, my other interests include:

  • Chinese Medicine
  • Qi Gong
  • Music-making and singing
  • Wandering up (and down) mountains
  • Jumping in (and out of) cold rivers
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